Gold Canyon Arts Council

The Gold Canyon Arts Council sponsors the annual Gold Canyon Arts Festival that takes place each January in Gold Canyon. The event brings more than 80+ local artists together displaying their art. This event has been free to attend and is anticipated by the art community, residents and winter visitors each year.

Gold Canyon Arts Council was formed in 1998. The organization is a Gold Canyon area non-profit that also presents an annual fine arts concert series designed to be affordable and allow more people to go and enjoy the programs.

Programs vary from traditional classical chamber music to ethnic and folk performances with indigenous instruments. Depending on the particular season blues, jazz, and theater may also be featured. Performances are held at the United Methodist Church of Gold Canyon at 6641 S Kings Ranch Road through a cooperative agreement. The excellent acoustics of this facility make it an ideal venue for music and theater appreciation.

Check out the Gold Canyon Arts Council website for information about how you can join, or volunteer and also buy tickets. Plan to enjoy these wonderful performers.

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