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Advertising on is a good way to increase visibility of your business. is visited regularly by residents of both Gold Canyon, as well as viewers from other parts of the USA, and world, who are looking at Gold Canyon as a possible place to spend a vacation, or to relocate to. You can reach these web visitors with advertising.

There are approximately 18,000 monthly website page views. Our e-mail newsletter reaches 1200+ subscribers. We’d  can help spread the word about your products and services at affordable advertising rates.

Review rates and guidelines are referenced below. Are you ready to reach more Internet visitors and let them know about your business?

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Advertising rates Website sidebar ads

Website sidebar 125×125 button and text ads in the sidebar (no-follow). Ad location on the sidebar is random. (Note – there are only a few ad spots available.)

  • $75 for 1 month


  • $75 if you need us to create your ad – (the referenced price includes a simple letter ad and does not include custom logo design – if you need custom logo design we can discuss your needs and the rate.)
  • $75 if you want us to post an announcement on’s Facebook page and Twitter page when your ad goes up

Advertise on

This is a 125x125px ad size.
Ads should be submitted in .jpg or .png format. We do not accept .gif (blinking) ads. Please inquire about prices for larger ads, or advertorials.

Advertise on Website Business Listing lists many local Gold Canyon businesses, along with their phone numbers.

While we list some very basic information about local businesses for free (business name and phone number), you have the opportunity to increase your business’s visibility by adding more information onto your listing for a small fee. Here is a link where you can submit your business information for a free listing consideration.

A fee-based enhanced listing additionally hyper-links your website URL as well a business e-mail address. Adding hyper-linked information means that visitors can reach your business direct from your website listing. Additionally an enhanced listing also offers you the chance to have your Facebook and/or Twitter pages hyper-linked on the listing.

Enhanced business listing

  • $150 for 6 months E-newsletter ads

We send out e-mail news approximately once a month. Currently the opt-in e-news list of recipients is approximately 1000+ unique e-addresses. We offer limited opportunities for advertising in these e-mail newsletters.

Text Ad
Text ad of no more than 20 words. The text may include one link to your website.

  • $125 for 1 month

Display Ad
Display ad of 125×125 ad size – (see the area above called Extras for more info about size and criteria for display ad)

  • $175 for 1 month


Advertising Guidelines

  • If a business category has exclusivity with us – we will not accept any more ads in that category. (For example, we are not accepting any additional ads, nor website business listings for Realtors,web designers or marketing services at this time.)
  • Your graphics must be family friendly.
  • Your graphics must not contain or link to any plagiarized content, images, music, or file downloads. Also there cannot be any links that go to affiliate sites, or multi-level-marketing type of businesses.
  • We reserve the right to edit any graphics that are submitted for issues such as size, content or color.
  • There’s no guarantee about the traffic your ad may, or may not, generate for your business, website, or blog.
  • We do not provide monthly click-through data. We keep our advertising rates as low as possible, but that means we cannot provide additional data services to advertisers.
  • There is no promise of positive feedback, discussion, or promotions concerning your ad besides the fact it will be on the website for the designated amount of time. If there is any negative feedback concerning your advertisement, you understand and agree that neither, it’s owners, the ISP where the site is hosted, nor any other entity associated with will not in any way be held responsible or liable for such feedback, discussion, or commentary.
  • The website is hosted with a reliable USA Internet Service provider that strives for 99%+ uptime. That said, there may be unavoidable Internet service interruptions due to circumstances outside of the control of or their service provider. Neither, nor any individual associated with the management of, not the ISP where the website is hosted will be held responsible for outage of Internet service.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any ad if we decide it’s inappropriate for any reason.  If an ad has been accepted and for any reason it is determined that it must be removed before the ad period is completed, the remaining ad fee balance will not be refunded in case an ad is removed. As per Google requirements, a rel=”nofollow” tag will be applied to all ads and paid links.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any ad that we don’t think works for our website and readership.
  • Payments shall be made by check or via PayPal via a link we will provide in the e-mail reply confirming your ad. All fees must be received prior to display.

To begin your advertising relationship, please fill out the contact form.

We look forward to working with you!


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