Another Awesome Day in Gold Canyon Arizona

One of the interesting thing about having this blog and the website is that we get interesting community submissions, comments, and all sorts of interesting things from readers. This week a particularly interesting e-mail came to us. We asked the sender, Crista Braun if it was ok with her that we post her e-mail on the blog and she gave us written permission to do so.

Read and enjoy Crista’s narrative on “Another Awesome Day in Gold Canyon Arizona

I am new to the Gold Canyon area and wanted to share my desert adventure with you.
I moved to Arizona from Palm Springs at the beginning of August to be with the love of my life. We met one year ago while enjoying a weekend cruise out of Long Beach, CA. He asked me to relocate in order to be with him. I decided to take a leap of faith and follow my heart. So here I am with a beautiful view of the Superstition Mountains in Gold Canyon, AZ.
Sunday morning I took my dog out to potty and she wanted to go for a walk. So I just followed her around and we ended up down the street. She wandered into a washed out area with a large tree that had low hanging thick branches. She was sniffing and trying to go under the tree. I looked next to the trunk and there lay a mountain lion. It was as big as a large dog with a huge neck. It did not move but stared at us with penetrating eyes. I gently picked up my dog and went the opposite direction as smoothly and quickly as I could. My heart was pounding and I kept looking back to make sure it wasn’t following us. My gosh, if I wouldn’t have had my dog on a leash she would have been under there with that huge wild animal.
This morning at about 7:50 I was right outside in the front with my dog and saw a large animal walking through shrubs near the right side of the house. I moved a bit closer to get a good look and then it came out and walked right in plain sight down the patio sidewalk behind the house. As it moved by it stared at me with familiar penetrating eyes while the last 3 or 4 inches of its tail was twitching back and forth. I yelled for him (the love of my life) to come outside and by the time he was there the mountain lion was too far away, though he did get a glimpse of it. I called the fish and game, they asked for a picture of its tracks. The dirt is rocky so the imprints are not distinct, but very large dented areas. We will still send the pictures so they can see the size and distance between steps. They told me that the mountain lion is at the top of the predator list and that the lion knows it very well. They are not afraid of anything. That’s why they don’t run when they see people, although they generally do not hang out around human populated areas. The female covers a 50 mile radius while the male covers a 100 mile radius. A couple of hours have gone by and I am just now feeling myself relax enough to stop shaking. So far in the last month I have seen deer, rabbits, snakes, lizards, an iguana, a gila monster , quails and a scorpion. Although I have not seen a coyote yet, I do hear them screaming during the night. I haven’t seen a javelina but I have smelled their skunk like odor nearby. With so many choices of wildlife to feed upon, this mountain lion will most likely continue to scout its current territory.
My peripheral vision has sharpened and I’ll continue to practice being aware of my new desert surroundings.
Another awesome day in Gold Canyon, Arizona.
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