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Down Payment Assistance Ideas

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Coming up with a down payment for a home purchase can be a challenge for many Americans. The down payment on a $200,000 house, for example, will run a buyer anywhere from $7,000 (for a FHA loan) to $40,000! Many people simply do not have this kind of money and it seems like an insurmountable [...]

Glendale Arizona Requires Landlords Be Responsible for Utilities

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The city of Glendale Arizona¬† is implementing a new policy that puts rental property owners on the hook for their tenants’ outstanding utility bills. Glendale’s policy is aimed primarily at renters in single-family homes, duplexes or other smaller rental properties. The city will require new utility customers in rental properties of four or fewer units [...]

Declining Home Sales Hurt HOAs

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With the housing market in a slump, the HOAs (Home Owners Associations) in many communities in the state are facing short falls of cash as house after house in the community is vacant and therefore owners are not paying a monthly HOA fee. So far, there are no reported bankrupt HOAs according to the recent [...]