Goldfield Ghost Town

The Goldfield Ghost Town is an authentic Arizona ghost town. It began as a promising town back in the 1890’s. Back in that day Goldfield boasted three saloons, a boarding house, general store, blacksmith shop, brewery, meat market and a school house. The town was destined to explode in size and was predicted to outgrow Mesa. But then the gold vein faulted and the grade of ore dropped, leaving the town to die a slow painful death. After several unsuccessful attempts to reopen the mines, the town did come to life again from 1910 on and off until 1926 but it never could seem to sustain itself with continued growth. Today the town is a bustling tourist stop along the famous Apache Trail.

Visit the facility and you’ll  get to witness an old west gun fight performed by the famous Goldfield Gunfighters. There are many other attractions at the Ghost Town. One attraction is called The Mystery Shack where all sorts of odd phenomenons occur on a regular basis. Spend a fun filled day, rich in wild west history!

For more information visit Goldfield Ghost Town’s website.
(Note – if you are in an area where noise is a problem, turn off your speakers as the Goldfield website has a commercial for their offerings that begins to talk immediately when the website opens.)

For a link to a map to their location click here.


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