Superstition Mountain Wilderness Hiking Area

Interested in hiking in Arizona? The Superstition Mountain wilderness hiking area, also known as Superstition Wilderness-Tonto Forest is located on the world famous Superstition Mountain. Gold Canyon is located at the foot of the mountain. As remote a location as a wilderness might seem the area is only 45 minutes from Scottsdale, where visitors can be dining at a 5 star restaurant  — but within 45 minutes they can be in a wilderness adventure.

The Tonto Forest and Superstition Wilderness offers hundreds of miles of pristine wilderness and a large network of hiking trails. Two of the trails are accessible within a short walk from the property line. There is the Hieroglyphic Trail and the new Lost Goldmine Trail which connects to the Peralta Trail (Lost Goldmine Trail does not show on the map being that it is new). Both trails begin from the Lost Goldmine Trailhead and connect to a network of literally 170 miles of trails in the Wilderness Area. The Tonto Forest is the fifth largest forest in the United States and one of the most-visited “urban” forests in the U.S.

There used to be an on-line map with the Arizona Forest Service – but it seems they are now only offering one is a paper format —  for a fee. Here is a link to the map they are offering.

Be sure to take plenty of water and some snacks and a cell phone with a well loaded battery in case of accident. Do not hike alone and be sure to tell others where you plan to hike. Be safe and enjoy!

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