Tortilla Flat Arizona

Tortilla Flat Arizona is home of a famous authentic stage coach stop. The location is very close to Gold Canyon Arizona. Tortilla Flat is nestled in the Superstition Mountain Wilderness/ Tonto Forest.

Tortilla Flat is one of the last remnants of the “old west”.  The little town got  got its start because of the road construction to Roosevelt Dam  in 1904. Originally it was established as a freight camp. Since those early days there seems to have been some number of people living there from then on.

Forest Service records show Tonto National Forest being established in 1905 as kind of a “package deal” with the Salt River Reclamation Project. The Forest Service was needed to manage the land and protect watershed for the dams because cattle grazing was taking a toll on the land. The freight camp at Tortilla Flat, as well as the other camps along the road to the dam, were, therefore, on U.S. Forest Service land. The early settlers who decided to make Tortilla Flat their permanent residence kept up the lease on the land in later years whenever it came due.

The Tortilla Flat Superstition Saloon has been serving food and drink for more than 100 years. Tortilla Flat is presumed to be the smallest Arizona community with it’s own post office and voter’s precinct. Only six people currently are said to live in the town as permanent residents, but many pass through on a regular basis.

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The address for this unique town is 20909 East Apache Trail, Apache Junction/Tortilla Flat, Arizona, 85119.

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