Arizona Monsoon Safety

It’s monsoon season in the Phoenix Arizona area. The rapid onset of a monsoon storm can quickly change the weather and the road conditions.  Here are some tips to help Arizona motorists who are faced with being on the road when a monsoon hits.

  • Leave early
    If you are aware that the weather is predicted bad and must go somewhere, leave early. Traffic is always heavier is bad weather.
  • Slow down
    When encountering other drivers on the road, slow down. Other drivers may need greater distances to slow down. Also roads may become slippery in monsoon conditions, as the water mixes with the oil, dirt and grease that has accumulated on the roadway.
  • Pull over promptly
    If the storm reduces your ability to see the road it is best to pull over and wait it out. Pull off the road and stop with your lights off. Lift your foot from the break so other drivers will not follow your taillights – causing an accident.
  • Use your pedals
    Do not use cruise control in monsoon conditions. Using cruise control can cause a driver to lose control more easily in wet weather conditions.
  • Exercise patience
    If you find that you are in need of road side assistance, remember to be patient. Roadside Assistance will be getting a lot of calls from stranded motorists and it will simply take longer to get to you.
  • Don’t be “stupid”
    Arizona actually has a law called Arizona “Stupid Motorist Law”. Avoid driving into flooded areas. There are many signs posted along roads that say “do not enter”. Pay attention to these in monsoon conditions. The Arizona law allows agencies to collect upwards of $2,000.00 for water rescues from drivers who drive in flooded areas and become stuck. Every monsoon season there are rescues shown on the local TV where motorists are needing to be rescued from the roofs of their cars as their cars are stuck in the rising flood waters. Don’t let this be you.
  • Carry water and snacks
    Plan to carry water and snacks with you in your car in case you get stuck and need to wait for awhile as the monsoon passes.
  • Wait for the monsoon to pass if possible
    Monsoons typically pass rather quickly. If you do not HAVE to go out in one, try and wait and travel after the threat of monsoon is over.

Be careful out there on the Arizona roadways during monsoon season.

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