Trimming Trees For The Arizona Monsoon

It’s monsoon season in Gold Canyon and Arizona. If you have large un-pruned trees it is a wise thing to prune them so they are not in danger of the monsoon winds toppling them over.

But be careful. Never attempt to prune trees near power lines. If you have trees within 10 feet of power lines you should call the power company and ask them to disconnect the electrical service so pruning can be safely done. SRP can be reached at 602-236-8888. Call them at least a day in advance to schedule the service. An adult needs to be home when they come to disconnect. (Note if there are other emergencies the power company has that requires their man power, the tree trimming requests will need to be rescheduled.)

New to Arizona and not sure how to best prune trees?

Here are some links to help steer you in the right direction for pruning healthy trees.

Trees left un-pruned are more likely to be affected by the monsoon winds, possibly falling on roofs and causing damage or the trees themselves being up-rooted.

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