Gold Canyon Arizona Real Estate Stats-June 2009

June 2009 -Real Estate Stats – Gold Canyon Arizona

  • At a glance – the average price of Gold Canyon Arizona real estate market, (as like the rest of the Phoenix market) is continuing to drop in price. Gold Canyon homes experienced one of its largest 30 day price drops in June 2009 that it has seen in a long time. The average price of Gold Canyon homes sold in June 2009 was $205,545. The average price of homes sold in May 2009 was $255,593.  (This is a drop of average price by about $50,000.00 in a 30 day period for a $250,000.00 priced home.) In June of 2008 the average price of homes being sold was $409,140. (In the last 12 months the average price has dropped about $200,000.00 for similar homes.)
  • While the average price of Gold Canyon homes sold is going down, the number of homes sold is rising. June 2009 saw 44 homes sold. May 2009 saw 35 homes sold. And a year ago, June 2008 saw 21 homes sold.  So the number of Gold Canyon homes sold in a 30 day period has approximately doubled in the past year.
  • During June 2009 there were 412 homes on the MLS in Gold Canyon Arizona.
  • The number of homes sold during June 2009 was 44. Of the 44 homes sold, 23 of these homes were “distressed” **. The average sales price of Gold Canyon homes for June was $205,545. (Based on the level of sales currently happening, it could potentially take 9 months to move through and sell the current inventory of active homes.)
  • Let’s compare May 2009 with June 2009.  Let’s look at how June 2009 compares to May 2009 sales in Gold Canyon. In May 2009 there were 429 homes on the MLS. The number that sold was 35, with 18 of these being “distressed”**. The average sales price in May 2009 was $255,593.
  • Comparison with June 2008. In June 2008 there were 423 Gold Canyon homes on the MLS listed for sale, with 21 selling. Of these 21 sales, there were 10 which were distressed sales. Average sales price was $409,140. (In June 2008 there were potentially 20 months of inventory based on the sales rate at that time.)

(** A “distressed” home means either a home is a “short-sale” or one that has foreclosed.)

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(Real estate data taken from Phoenix Multiple Listing Service. Information is deemed accurate, but not guaranteed.)
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