Superstition Area Land Trust

If you live in Pinal County Arizona, love the desert and are interested in the preservation of wildlife you will want to check out the non-profit called Superstition Area Land Trust or S.A.L.T. for short. The organization was born in 1993 when a group of residents from communities and settlements bordering the Superstition Wilderness Area created a nonprofit organization to preserve the riparian areas, native vegetation and wildlife of the vanishing Sonoran Desert.

Most of the land surrounding the Superstitions is owned by the Arizona state land department, whose mandate is to manage the land to fund various public institutions — manage can mean “to sell” the land.  As urban sprawl creeps eastward from the Phoenix suburbs, pressure to develop more state land increases. S.A.L.T. is interested in making sure that any development is handled responsibly and with attention to the natural beauty of the Arizona desert.

If you are interested more in what S.A.L.T is doing  visit their website.

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