Landlord Service to Help Automate Rent Collection is an on line tool we recently read about that has been created to  help small landlords do the two things:

  1. collect rent from tenants via automatic withdrawals from the tenants’ bank accounts (no merchant accounts or PayPal needed); and
  2. communicate with tenants via bulk or group email blasts such as sending reminders, HOA  or public notices that the tenant needs to be aware of

Landlords can set up a free account and the only cost is said to be $3.95 per month for each apartment/home that uses automatic rent payment. (Larger volume landlords with over 25 tenants can get a volume discount)

The service offers added features for landlords such as:

  • Ability to upload information, documents and photos concerning the building/ home/ apartments.
  • Monthly rent rolls showing total building revenue and tenant payments with any discrepancies highlighted.
  • Ability to set up online rent applications along with links to them from Craigslist or other listings.  The Landlord gets an email notice when an application is submitted online.
  • Integration with Google maps.
  • Archived history of all tenant/landlord e-mail communications
  • Encrypted  information when it  is input

(Note – we are not involved with this project and have not personally used this service, but when reading about it, it seems like a service that many landlords might be able to utilize.)

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