Landlords-Don’t Forget HOA Rules

In this economy once a home owner has determined they cannot  sell their home for the price they want, some of them turn to renting the home. One factor not to be forgotten when homes are rented are the Home Owner’s Association (HOA) rules.

If you are the owner of a home, be sure that the renter is aware of the HOA rules and be sure they understand they must abide by the rules. For example many Arizona HOA communities have rules that say no cars can be parked in the roadways overnight. Or another common rule related to parking is that no trucks or cars with signage can be parked outside of a garage. Unless advised, the renter may end up parking their vehicle with signage in the driveway instead of the garage, or parking in the roadways, or allowing friends to park there. But guess what, you the homeowner will be the one who gets the violation letter from the HOA and have to pay any fines that may be associated with the violations.

Some HOAs have rules that might not be easily evident to someone who is renting and not familiar with the customs in an area. For example, here in the Gold Canyon Arizona area we have communities that are considered “dark skies” communities. A “dark skies” community is treasured by those who love the desert and being able to star gaze with no light pollution.  Along comes the unaware renter who changes their outdoor lights to very bright flood lights. The community gets upset and the landlord homeowner gets the violation notice.

A big HOA issue relates to landscaping. Most HOA groups have rules that basically say the landscaping must be maintained to certain standards. If you are the landlord/home owner you will want to be sure this is taken care of. If the landscaping gets scrappy the home owner will be the one who gets the violation letter. Many home owner/landlords decide to include in the monthly rent enough money so they can pay to have a landscaper come by and take care of the yard. This way the landlord knows it is taken care of and is not caught by surprise when they get violation letters if the renter decides not to have very high yard maintenance standards.

Along with the basic tasks a landlord needs to do in order to rent; such as checking credit records and criminal records, they also need to take the added step of being familiar with all the HOA rules and regulations and being sure that their tenants are aware of these as well.

Most renters do not want their neighbors to be angry at them and will comply with HOA rules without it being an issue, but the homeowner/landlord must be the one to advise the renters of what the rules are.

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