Sliding Glass Door Safety-Help Reduce Crime

In this difficult economy, crime is reportedly on the rise, regardless of what neighborhood one lives in. Residents tell us they are looking for ways to feel more safe and protect themselves.

Here is a new product we have been reading reviews about that is doing a better job of securing sliding class doors.  Coming out of Florida, this product is called Safe Slider. The lock is produced in the E.U. and now is available in the US through This patented double bolt lock product has been around for over 12 years, with the Florida company licensed to distribute the product for 3 years. They have installed 1000’s of locks in the Central FL area and recently launched their website which allows them to sell their products on  the Internet.

The device was used during the summer Olympics in Athens, Greece to secure the athletes in their dwellings there. A consumer testing lab in Miami, Florida rated the strength of the lock at 1,000 pounds after applying 1,000 pounds of force trying to force open the door. The lock held.

If you are investigating new safety items for your home this may be worth checking out.

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