Pinal County Residents Can Access Offender Watch Website

(Update February 2021 — apparently the web page referenced in this article no longer exists on the Pinal County Sheriff’s website)

Pinal county residents now can access the Pinal County Sheriff’s Offender Watch Community Web Page 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week at the Pinal Sheriff’s web site . This service is to help citizens keep a watchful eye on these type of situations. (Look at the lower right hand corner of the sheriff’s website for a button that goes to this Offender Watch area.)

The Arizona customized OffenderWatch program implements an innovative electronic registration and inter-agency pre-registration and alerting system designed especially for Arizona processes – when an offender is registered by the Sheriff’s Office, that information is immediately and electronically made available to the police department where the offender lives – this can save agencies several weeks previously spent waiting on paper forms. After the registration, Pinal County detectives or the Police Department detectives, will contact and interview the offender, verify their address, collect additional data, arrange the community notification, and verify the address does not violate a safety buffer – all these services are now automated and streamlined within OffenderWatch, saving all agencies substantial amounts of time.

All data collected about an offender, is now housed in an electronic, internet accessible form, so any law enforcement officer who needs the information about the offender, or has information to share with other jurisdictions, can access the record. Also, all data collected on the offender now follows with him as he moves from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, enabling much more effective supervision and prosecution by law enforcement. This electronic record with full historical profile will replace data contained in dozens of file cabinets by the various agencies who have collected data on the offender, that cannot be shared or exported.

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