Gold Canyon Sewer To Cap Off Sewer Service to Non-Payers

With the hike in rates this past year for the monthly Gold Canyon sewer bills  apparently there are several Gold Canyon residents who have decided not to pay their monthly sewer bills. No resident  is happy with the sewer rate increase but stopping making monthly payments is now going to have some repercussions it seems.

The Gold Canyon Sewer Company has hired a contractor to begin digging and capping sewer services in Gold Canyon.  This process will begin on April 27, 2009.  This will only affect customers who have refused to pay their sewer bills.  This action is legal per the GCSC tariff.

Pinal County will also be handling out “unfit to occupy” notices to the residents who are not paying their bills and are getting their sewers capped off  because “if you cannot flush, you cannot live in the house”.

If you have not paid your sewer bill, you will want to consider these actions which the county and the sewer company are planning to take and  pay your bill  immediately to avoid having your sewers capped.

Also of note – the appeal to the decision in the Gold Canyon Sewer Rate Rehearing will most likely be held on September 21st, or later, depending on the calendar.  More information will be available at a later date.

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